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We must #UniteNY19 behind a platform that benefits the vast majority of our citizens.  I’ve brought people together before as a U.S. diplomat.  Now I want to unite us here at home for these causes:


Unite to provide Medicare for all.

Unite to lower prescription drug prices.

Unite to increase Social Security benefits.

Unite to rebuild our infrastructure.

Unite to develop rural jobs, small businesses and local farms.

Unite to fight income inequality and a rigged economy.

Unite to make public education tuition free.

Unite to end racial injustice, bigotry and violence.

Unite to protect women’s reproductive health.

Unite for a foreign policy that puts diplomacy over endless war.


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Meet Jeff Beals

Meet Jeff Beals

I’m a local teacher, a former U.S. diplomat who served with distinction in Iraq, and my family has had a farm in the Hudson Valley since I was a boy.


I served in America’s most embattled outposts in the Middle East under both Democratic and Republican administrations. After beginning my career as a CIA intelligence officer, I joined the State Department…




Uniting for change in New York’s 19th Congressional District

We’re building a grassroots platform for change by holding forums across our district. Our representative isn’t doing his job, so we’re uniting to tell our stories, bring together our best minds and build a movement from the ground up. We kicked off this effort with a forum on health care and haven’t stopped since. Please join us at our next event. Reach out to us if you have a story to tell, policy expertise to deliver or an area you want covered.