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Tax Scam Bill and Justice Democrats Endorsement

Congress just passed a tax bill that hurts us badly and I want you to know how we are fighting back.

Make no mistake: this tax bill puts us deep into debt only to transfer trillions of dollars to corporations and the ultra-rich.  They did it at the expense of working people here at home. Our supposed representatives just raised taxes on working families, cut Medicare, encouraged corporations to outsource jobs and opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.  

I can’t even list all the things wrong with this bill because hearings on it weren’t even held. Hearings would have been basic policy making and were routine when I served as a U.S. diplomat.

Our supposed representative John Faso needed to lead the fight against this bill. He didn’t.  

I will do what John Faso won’t.

Our cause just got a big boost: the national organization Justice Democrats just endorsed our campaign as the right choice to take our political revolution from NY-19 to Washington.  This endorsement makes our local grassroots movement a national cause.