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Jeff Beals at Hillsdale Democratic Committee— March 10, 2018

Medicare for All

This isn’t about standing up for ‘better access to care,’ as some Democrats would say, but instead for Medicare for All, H.R. 676, and to pass it now. When I stand up for Medicare for All, it’s because I know first-hand what it’s like to have emergency medical bills for myself and my family, and to not receive employer-benefits that provide adequate coverage. When you stand for Medicare for All, you’re standing on the side of working people who are deeply struggling to get by.

Gun Reform

The gun debate we are having in our country, like so many other issues we face today, centers around corporate greed and undue influence on our representatives. The NRA does not represent the interest of gun owners, 69% percent of whom support stricter gun control measures like universal background checks. The NRA is a lobbying organization that lines the pockets of our elected officials while it represents the interests of a gun manufacturing industry that rakes in millions each year in corporate profits, all while young people in classrooms around the country fear for their lives. This is one of the greatest national security issues of our time, which is why we need to stop living in fear of the NRA and pass sensible gun laws in this country.


Let us take up the call FDR once made for a Second Bill of Rights and put housing on the list as he did. At a time when too few of us can afford our rents and mortgages— and gentrification prices many out of their own communities— we must take action: invest in affordable housing trust funds, raise the wages of workers, fight predatory lenders, assist homeowners, especially first time buyers, and provide protections for renters.

Beating John Faso

We can win a new majority here, and we’re already doing it. We can win a coalition of support by appealing to the vast majority of NY-19 voters by offering a stark contrast to John Faso, who has an undistinguished record of service. My own record includes a decade served under multiple administrations as a diplomat and as a progressive activist here at home. We — not John Faso — represent the party of the people. The party of union workers, of teachers and farmers, who have seen our country take a turn for the worse. Standing for policies that return power to those people is what this campaign is all about.