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Endorsement: The People for Bernie Sanders

Big news: The People For Bernie Sanders just endorsed Jeff Beals for Congress! Progressives who want to fight corporate power are rallying to the cause of the tough, experienced progressive who will take out John Faso in November.

“We’re excited to announce our endorsement of Jeff Beals,” announced national Bernie Sanders delegate and The People For Bernie Sanders co-founder Katherine Brezler. “As a Woodstock high school history teacher he knows the civic importance of this fight. He believes in building bridges not walls. His bold platform to empower the 99% is what this district needs in Washington.”

Formed in 2016 by veterans of the Occupy Wall Street movement, The People For Bernie Sanders is a grassroots collective that boasts over 1.4 million followers on social media. It is credited with popularizing the hashtag #feelthebern. To that we add, #feelthebeals!