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Jeff faces off against John Faso in the first confrontation of NY-19 midterms

Jeff Beals and John Faso traded attacks on health care in the first direct confrontation between candidates in the 2018 Congressional midterms in NY’s 19th district. Faso’s office singled out Beals this week in a series of press releases and Tweets, denouncing Beals and Senator Bernie Sanders for their commitment to a national health program called Medicare-for-All.

“…[U]nabashedly progressive Jeff Beals doubles down on single-payer healthcare scheme,” read a statement from Faso.

Beals issued a sharp response and a dramatic video highlighting the urgent need for action to address America’s health crisis:

“John Faso thinks patriotism means defending the salaries of health insurance CEOs,” Beals said. “I believe no hardworking American should lie awake wondering how to pay for their healthcare.”

The video tells the story of Gardiner residents Marlene and Joel Alfieri, hardworking Americans who have been driven into bankruptcy by the healthcare industry’s price gouging.

Marlene Alfieri denounces John Faso in the video and recounts that she and her husband gave up their Republican Party registration, have joined the Democratic Party, and are supporting Beals.

If you’d like to help Marlene and Joel through this difficult time, please consider making a contribution to their GoFundMe campaign.