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Meet Jeff

Meet Jeff

I’m a local teacher, a former U.S. diplomat who served with distinction in Iraq, and an activist whose family has had a farm in the Hudson Valley since I was a boy. I am proud to have earned the endorsements of The People for Bernie Sanders and Justice Democrats.


I served in America’s most embattled outposts in the Middle East under both Democratic and Republican administrations. After beginning my career as a CIA intelligence officer, I joined the State Department and pushed for peace in the West Bank and Gaza Strip alongside my close friend Ambassador Chris Stevens, whom we lost in Benghazi. I answered the call to help our country in Iraq in 2004 and became one of the longest serving U.S. diplomats of the Iraq War. Fluent in Arabic, I faced down insurgents to set up the first diplomatic talks between our ambassador, our generals and the insurgency. I helped bring warring factions together to create a constitution for Iraq and was decorated by both the U.S. Army and the State Department.


After my service overseas, I returned to my family’s farm here in the Hudson Valley to raise my family, raise livestock and answer a call to teach. Today I live in Woodstock where my wife Suhayr and I both teach and our two sons attend school.


I plan to use my experience bringing opposing sides together to lead a united coalition of new voices in Congress. Together we will face down the corporate interests and lobbyists rigging our economy against working people. Together we will pass a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides Medicare for all.


I used to believe democracy was something we fight for overseas. Today, I believe we have to fight for our democracy here at home. We’re uniting for that fight now. I hope you’ll join us.


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At our farm with my uncle and cousin back in the day.
With the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Jerusalem, along with my colleagues Jordan Stancil and Prem Kumar.
Jeff Beals with then-Major General Bill Caldwell IV at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
With then-Major General Bill Caldwell IV at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
Jeff Beals, his dad Allen and livestock on the farm
With my dad and livestock on our farm.
Speaking before the Ulster County Legislature on February 15 urging the body to oppose any repeal of the Affordable Care Act.