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Save Net Neutrality! We send out word to the FCC and Ajit Pai today: Do not sell out the internet! Do not let giant corporations price gouge us! Protect our freedom of speech! We have a government to protect public utilities, not sell them out...

This administration has endangered our country, and Israel, by damaging the hope for peace in Jerusalem. I'm a former U.S. diplomat who served in Jerusalem, and I oppose this reckless step. The Republican mega-donors who bought our congressman are now running U.S. foreign policy. That's...

Did you move here from NYC to run? No. Do you work here with your family? I do. Are you tied to corporate America? No. This "proud deplorable" took my sign in sheet and became a volunteer....

What's gone wrong in NY-19's previous elections and what we can do to win in 2018....

Our climate crisis is a matter of day-to-day reality for farmers in our district among many others. Growth seasons are out of whack and our natural resources are not being adequately protected. Responsible conservation is needed to protect our homes, our farms and our economy....

Monday, Nov. 20 - Chatham 10-11am: Crooked Piece of Junk Coffee Bar...

Here's a snapshot of the remarkable citizens driving this movement for change in #NY19. I went out to a recent #FasoFriday in Kingston and saw friends old and new, all driven by different outrages to push for one goal: winning back our seat in Congress...