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People sometimes ask me about our farm in the Hudson Valley and the experience I'd bring to farm policy in our district. One of the tasks every farmer knows is that protecting the land for future generations is vital: here's two of those generations in...

Our president cuts funding for the State Department and tweets that "talking is not the answer!" I'm a former US diplomat with a decade of national security experience who believes that we need more diplomacy, not less. I made that case at the candidates forum...

Please join us for the second #UniteNY19 forum on Health Care as we build a progressive movement for change in #NY19. Presented in partnership with Rob Bujan of SDL + GHS, we’re bringing together citizens, local experts, artists, and musicians from all across our district to tell the story of...

Here's a look at our first #UniteNY19 Forum, held this month on Health Care with experts and citizens from counties all over #NY19. We're on our way to building a grassroots platform to face our challenges with our solutions. Please contribute so we can continue holding these events across...

Our campaign is about the people of NY-19, people like Frank. He lives in Montgomery County, is an avid hunter, and is one of the many retirees who call rural New York their home. His story is all too common here and across the country....

Sullivan County Democratic Candidates Forum, Liberty, NY...