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Our climate crisis is a matter of day-to-day reality for farmers in our district among many others. Growth seasons are out of whack and our natural resources are not being adequately protected. Responsible conservation is needed to protect our homes, our farms and our economy....

Monday, Nov. 20 - Chatham 10-11am: Crooked Piece of Junk Coffee Bar...

Here's a snapshot of the remarkable citizens driving this movement for change in #NY19. I went out to a recent #FasoFriday in Kingston and saw friends old and new, all driven by different outrages to push for one goal: winning back our seat in Congress...

We joined workers in Hyde Park yesterday to speak out against another act of corporate greed— the Culinary Institute of America is firing 17 committed union workers and replacing them with low-wage, no-future contract labor. Why? It's a renown school that enjoys not-for-profit status and...

At a time of national crisis, what's our Congressman doing? Trying to sneak through legislation that will limit a woman's right to choose. #HR36 #UnRepresentative...

There's a beacon of good sense broadcasting from Delaware County at WIOX in Roxbury. My sons had the run of the green room while Melody Mitchell DeGregorio and I talked turkey (and other poultry), women's rights and the hidden challenges facing a young man...

Prominent Hudson Valley journalist Roger Gilson came by our office for an inside look at our work to #UniteNY19. It's a good read. ...